a ferry journey + two invites : deirdre nelson


I spotted some knitting in the ferry cafe as I arrived on board. It belonged to Etta,  who had been involved in a 24hr knit-a-thon from Butt of Lewis to Barra and was on the ferry collecting money to support a cancer hospice. We got chatting and on hearing about the peat project, she invited me to  visit her home area to see some peat cutting. Despite her family having already cut their peat, she offered me a demonstration nonetheless!  Later in the journey she introduced me to her friend, and my second peaty invite arrived. Her family were bringing ‘the peat home‘ and I was invited to take part and see how the peat would be stored and laid out at their home.  A wee  ceilidh was suggested also!

On arrival at Stornoway, I was met by local artist Anne Campbell and fellow peat investigator artist Murray Robertson  and off we went to meet Mary Smith. Mary had gathered together information of interest ( songs , poems, imagery and contacts) relating to the peat bog.

So much to think about upon arrival to Lewis!


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