extreme knitting on the moor

photo by R Smith and sons 1

Apparently women in the past would knit on their way to the sheiling and when visiting others in sheilings near by.  I have been thinking of how difficult it must have been walking over moorland and trying to knit at the same time .

I thought I would give it a go and brought along some Carloway Mill yarn and needles.  It wasn’t quite as difficult as I thought and I imagine the knit walkers were well practiced both  in knitting and walking the moorland, their hands and feet intuitively moving along with ease. The paths were much clearer at that time as more animals and people  would be passing across the moor.   For those of you wishing to give it a go here are some top tips for knitting and walking !




Ashley at Stornoway museum told me that they have a sock in the collection which was found on the peat bog so I look forward to seeing that in their archives.


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